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lets get creative.
Technology is awesome. With it, the creative possibilities are endless. Exploring those possibilities is what I love to do! Whether it is an 2d/3d animation, web page or immersive virtual reality experience, hit me up to make cool stuff.
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Some highlights:


Dutch Design Week 2018:

In Pursuit of Tactility

An interdisciplinary team project where I’ve made a virtual world in which users can interact with the garments. Using some form of sensory substitution, we let the user “feel” by using sound as feedback.This project has been shown at the Dutch Design Week 2018 in Eindhoven.

rocketship 810 430

3D Modeling:

Rock(et) Ship

A project for a small startup which was also the graduation project of one their members, in which I have modeled several cartoony 3D assets for a VR game.

hear to beat

VR Game/ Sound Design:

Heart to Beat

Small game in which I try to step away from traditional boring health bars by using dynamic, layered audiotory feedback. Modeled, programmed and did the audio design in about a week. 

3D models: