Dutch Design Week 2018:

In Pursuit of Tactility

An interdisciplinary team project where I’ve made a virtual world in which users can interact with the garments. Using some form of sensory substitution, we let the user “feel” by using sound as feedback. This project has been shown at the Dutch Design Week 2018 in Eindhoven. I-D Vice article

Multifaceted Installation
The first introductory stage is a fabric expo featuring digital renderings of textiles printed on Plexiglass. These realistic forms are designed to ‘invoke the brain to visualise what it thinks is a tangible material’, without the sensation of touch. The next stage is a fabric animation that emulates the movement of real fabrics, pushing viewers to participate the installation’s final section – a VR experience featuring Studio PMS' complete digital fashion collection. The lack of physical garments is compensated by audio feedback when viewers interact with the VR garments, creating a new way to digitally ‘touch’ and perceive the fabric. - Studio PMS